The all-in-one masterclass for the ultimate mindset & motive shift
in christian content creation!

It's time to
the person God can trust with
influence & impact!


Imagine feeling less frustration and feelings of wanting to give up; and experiencing a mindset & motive shift that gives you staying power. 

Being a christian content creator is a great kingdom privilege but can be deeply challenging, especially if you are going through a wilderness season.

This season is lonely, silent and produces no fruit for the labor you keep passionately pouring into your social platforms. This can be so discouraging!

What if I told you that I believe any and every christian content creator can thrive in the content creation space as long as they allow themselves a much needed mindset & motive shift!

My program is going to equip you with perspective that help you start showing up online consistently, in anointing, alignment & authenticity.


Any called christian content creator has a set audience waiting to consume their content! God makes sure of it!

I want to help you to go from:

Feeling frustrated by your content creation journey

Trusting the process and walking in confident peace.

Battling thoughts of shutting down your platform & giving up

Staying in your calling long enough to see fruit & result.

Showing up online inauthentically just to fill the content roster & appease the algorithm

Walking in authenticity, integrity and staying true to your message, as you post on social media.

Moving quicker than the message God gave you is ready to be released & shared.

Allowing God to birth & build your message until you can articulate it with precision & power

Compromising your beliefs and walking in wrong motives

Allowing God to purify your motive so you serve in integrity

Feeling like all your efforts are not yielding any return

Building a thriving, niche community that organically grows effortlessly

In 10 modules, I take you through a mindset shift to reveal how God processes the content creator before he can trust them with a community. All seasons are important to understand so you can start seeing your blind spots and areas you need to focus on.

I’ll help you cut through the discouragement, frustration & comparison, while empowering you through my own journey & life experiences in the content creation space to focus on your calling. I believe you can stay in the game long enough to see God bring you the multitudes He promised you with the right motivation.

I'm loving the sound of this, but tell me more...

Spirit Content Masterclass was designed to help young millennial christian content creators called into the media space, yet feeling stuck and frustrated in their content creation journey

  • break out of showing up online inauthentically (just for views);
  • identify their God given mantle & message in the media space,
  • so they can begin to create from a place of alignment, authenticity & anointing.

The goal of this course is a mind & motive shift that allows you to be the right man God can trust with an audience & inevitably multitudes.

This course is designed to help you stop jumping onto the algorithm ‘rat race’, using worldly tactics to try and accomplish a Godly mandate.

I share many personal experiences I have encountered from my journey to encourage you on your path so you do not give up just before your breakthrough moment arrives.

No more frustration. No more thinking of quitting. No more confusion.


Here's a breakdown of
the Spirit Content Masterclass

What to Expect:

  • Module 1: The Man 

    Understand the important role your personal, private growth plays in becoming a person trusted with influence & impact.

  • Module 2:  The Message

    Unlock the power of identifying your God-given, set message & becoming the message before you can share it with multitudes.

  • Module 3: The Motive

    Learn how God esteems and holds premium a man’s motives in the content creation space; and how this effectively affects your platform’s growth. Discover a checklist of how you can test your own motive on your journey.

  • Module 4: The Mindset

    Overcoming limiting beliefs, self sabotage, imposter syndrome and learning to think like a pro-content-creator.

  • Module 5:  The Mastery

    Leaning into the power of perfecting your craft, showing up with excellency, mastering your message and becoming an authority in your niche.

  • Module 6:  The Motivation

    How to tap into your inner drive and find self motivation when no one else yet sees what you are trying to build, create and bring to life.

  • Module 7:  The Machinery

    Exploring the infrastructure you are using as a platform of delivery for your message, and how you can partner up with it for greater visibility.

  • Module 8:  The Marketing 

    How kingdom content is meant to be marketed and why ‘who is in charge of the marketing’ process is detrimental to your platform’s growth.

  • Module 9:  The Monetisation

    Essentials to know about ‘monetisation’, as a by-product of ministry related content & how one can steward the space with integrity & pure Godly motives.

  • Module 10:  The Multitudes

    Our final module is all about how to get your message to arrive in front of your desired target audience, and how to show up when the time comes.

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Masterclass Dates

20 April 2024

Time: 10 am - 3 pm SAST

Venue: Online via ZOOM

18 May 2024

Time: 10 am - 3 pm SAST

Venue: Online via ZOOM

22 June 2024

Time: 10 am - 3 pm SAST

Venue: Online via ZOOM

Important: After these 2 interactive LIVE sessions, the masterclass becomes a pre-recorded session, available to you on demand for your consumption at your own pace. (Note: All our LIVE class members who have joined us for the 1st 3 BETA classes get a link to the final professionally recorded session, at Early Bird Price, as a BONUS perk.

So what are you waiting for, join our LIVE session at an Early Bird price and also benefit from the final recording of the Spirit Content Masterclass, all at R300!!!


I'm Melody!


Over the space of years, I have experienced supernatural quantum leaps across my social platforms, growing to 370,000 on TikTok, 100,000 on Instagram & 26,000 on YouTube.

I know what it feels like to grow 10,000 new followers in 1 day (yep, 24 hours)! It’s an unreal feeling!

I can see how God prepared me for the season of immense responsibility, influence & impact I am currently in. I know my season of hiding was necessary & when I look back, I am glad God took long to work on ‘me’!

Like you, I almost gave up!

The process took time but once God was ready to raise me, everything moving at unbelievable speed and our platforms began to grow in quantum leaps!

I want to encourage you in your silent season while preparing you for your elevation season. I want to save you from the doubt, the discouragement & the distractions I encountered along my journey, so you can focus on becoming who God wants you to be for your ultimate rise.

I went through this season so that you wouldn’t have to give up as you go through yours! Let me help you with a mindset and motive shift through this masterclass!!!



Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the course take to complete?

It is a 4 hour masterclass, with an additional hour for QnA. It will be delivered via a ZOOM link which will be provided upon registration

How much does the course cost?

The masterclass is currently R300 for the first few online sessions before being converted into a pre-recorded class (it is still in BETA stage). It will be delivered live via ZOOM. The price will go up once the masterclass is in pre-recorded format and accessible at any given time, from anywhere. (The bonus of getting the course now is that you get to be a part of the LIVE QnA sessions via ZOOM)

What’s the return policy?

Due to the nature of the program, all sales are final. There will be no refunds available. Kindly consider your purchase with care and prayerfully commit.

How long do I have access to the course content?

The masterclass is still in BETA stage, but once pre-recorded, it will be made available to you for 18 months. Do not worry, we will make sure you are informed before it expires.

Is there a payment plan option?

Unfortunately not. But the price has been carefully thought out and is reasonable enough to allow access to anyone who is truly serious and willing without having to break their bank. We always want to give as much access as possible to our resources.

How do I get access to the exclusive community?

Once you enrol in the masterclass, you will be sent an email with the the directions on how you can opt into our exclusive community, which is a private Facebook page. Prepare to meet friends and network as you share you journey & progress.