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2021 House Of Hosting Heaven Planner Needing clarity, direction and more intentionality in your spiritual growth journey? In this planner are questions and exercises designed to help you become intentional about living a fruitful, rich, fulfilling Godly lifestyle.
This planner will help you;

  • clarify
  • design
  • set intention
  • map out
  • focus
  • envision
  • and review many facets of your spiritual life.
  • In this book you will find the following content:

    • Bucket List
    • Former Me vs New Me
    • Inspiration Board
    • Routines
    • Spiritual Goal Setting
    • Mapping Your Kingdom Identity
    • Kingdom Partnership
    • Habit Design
    • Monthly Reviews
    • 30 Questions of Christian Introspection

    The Story

    Rutendo Melody Kanguru

    In 2018, Melody created the "House of Hosting Heaven Planner" for herself after she had gone through a season which she felt had shifted her relationship with God & It was hard to focus in prayer. She felt herself drift from God’s presence and it was very difficult to agree with God concerning her life, her ministry, her destiny and even tougher to show up in the place of prayer.

    So she started on her own journey with God, doing small exercises that would help her get to rediscover herself, the growth she longed to see in her Christian journey and finding clarity in what value God had placed inside her for the kingdom.

    She quickly realized her process for regaining discipline in the place of prayer through routines, setting goals, visualising the qualities she longed to see in her life was helping her and the friends she shared it with, also regain their own momentum in their spiritual journeys.

    A number of women from across the globe have downloaded the planner in the last quarter of 2018 and she continuously received feedback that her readers are receiving new found intentionality, structure and clarity on how to become the women they have always desired to be for God and others in the kingdom.

    So she decided to step outside her comfort zone and turn her exercises into a digital planner, officially launching The House of Hosting Heaven Collection.

    Quick Tour

    Exit Words For 2020

    Starts you on a journey of introspection as you reflect on your lessons learnt, areas of growth and highlights for the previous year

    Mapping Your Kingdom Identity

    Identify your gifts and talents in the kingdom and find out how you can use them where God has planted you to add value

    Kingdom Partnership

    Identify areas in the Body of Christ which need you to stand as a watchman. Write them down and add value through intercession.

    Greetings, 2021

    Set a personal theme for the year, embodying what you want the year to represent to you spiritually. Write down your expectation in your walk with God and who you need to become to be possess that expectation

    Former Me vs New Me

    Paint a picture using words, phrases and statements of who have you been all alone and who do you want to become as 2021 comes to an end.

    Inspiration Board

    Create a hall of Inspiration using pictures of some of the people you admire. Then draw out the qualities in them you would like to appropriate in your own Christian journey.


    Set morning and evening routines of how you want your ideal day to look like. This will help you wake up with intentionality in making your spiritual Christian walk a priority

    Spiritual Goal Setting

    Set monthly goals on the 9 areas your spiritual growth specified in the book and do monthly reviews to track your progress as you stay accountable to yourself

    Habit Design

    Revisit old self-defeating habits that no-longer serve you in your spiritual walk and commit to eliminating them. Create new habits to replace them for a better and more fulfilling life in Christ. .


    30 Questions that will help you carry out a deep introspection of where you are in your spiritual journey.

    Monthly Reviews

    Review your progress on your goals and get new intentions for the next month

    Bucket List

    Write down a list of fun, out of the box things you want to try out this 2021


    How to buy the Planner


    The Planner is now available for purchase & download. You can get your digital copy and start on your journey immediately.

    A digital download link of the 2021 House of Hosting Heaven will be emailed to you (no more than 24 hours) after purchase.


    Do you sell internationally?

    How much do I pay for shipping?
    The book is 100% digital and will be delivered to you in the comfort of your email.

    When should I expect my workbook?
    Emailed to you immediately after purchase.

    Hosting Heaven Planner

    • (Digital) Interactive PDF download with 105 pages for $7
    • Purchase a hard copy (Available exclusively to SA people for R200 ($14USD) + R60 courier fee)



    Karen - Assurance Associate

    I really fell in love with the planner. It encourages clarity your goals and clear milestones which you can evaluate and be honest with yourself whether you are making progress or not.

    Thando - Event Co-ordinator

    The planner has been a blessing to me; it makes me present and self-aware. It helps me to identify areas in my life that need more work, and I’m able to see where I’m making progress. It has helped me develop new habits that will help me in my goals and vision.

    Precious - Worship Leader

    The planner is such a practical tool for anyone who wants to take ownership of their life. It has helped me to set clear goals and track the progress in my spiritual journey. I absolutely love it!

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